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The name of Atatürk reminds mankind of the historical accomplishments of one of the greatest men of this century: His leadership gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world, and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example can not be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic, and ever since then Atatürk's and Turkey's broad and deep reforms undertaken, as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.

John F. KENNEDY, President of the United States of America

Washington D.C., November 10, 1963 on the 25th Commemoration of Ataturk's death


The death of Atatürk, who saved Turkey during the war and revived the Turkish nation, is not only a loss for his country, but it is also a great loss for Europe. The sincere tears that people from all classes have shed, are nothing more then the true reflection of this great man - the Father of the modern Turkey.

The sincere tears shed after him by all classes of people is nothing other than an appropriate manifestation to this great hero and modern Turkey's Ata.

Winston CHURCHILL, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1938)


Because of the 25th year of Atatürk's death, I want to express the feelings of loyal friendship felt for the Turkish nation by the French nation. Today, Turkish history even more than ever is inseparable from Western and European history. Atatürk's efforts in this direction were not left without results. The friendship between our countries that has surpassed hundreds of years, has formed the foundation for this development.

Charles de GAULLE, President of France


Germany is amazed with Atatürk’s work and struggle. It sees in him, his historic monument, a powerful figure that will stay as a symbol for all the people who love freedom.

Berlin, German Agency


He was not only a great man for Turkey, but he was also a great leader for the Eastern People.

Emanullah HAN (Afghan King)


He was a man of great ideas, a state architect.

Neue Freie Presse, Vienna


No country has reached a strong and speedy modernization movement from the root, as was achieved by the Father of the New Turkey.

Bulgarian Dness Journal


The people of China, we all are in mourning with Turkey. The death of the leader of a great nation, who was much loved by the Turkish people, has not only left an emptiness and void for Turkey, but also for our continent, and the world.

Chinese Press


Atatürk was an extraordinarily talented statesman, one of the most important figures of post-war history.

Hufvud Stadbladet Journal


I salute by bowing my head with my deep respects to this Greatest Man of our history, the one who created Turkey.

Professor Morrf


At the head of a state that he created with his people’s absolute trust till the end of his life, the personality of this glorious commander is the example of a unique character.



Ataturk has been the first man in our century to prove the historical fact which is, “there is nothing that can not be done."

Esti Ujsag. Magjar


We feel a great admiration for Atatürk in his efforts towards ensuring the modernization of Turkish society by separating religion and politics from each other and by carrying out the Turkish Language Reforms.

Hayato Ikeda, Prime Minister of Japan


The genius of Atatürk is one of the highest examples of the virtue that the Turkish people have carried all along in history.

Branko Aczemovic (Ambassador)

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